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Donna W Watson Travel

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Donna W Watson Travel is a travel agency located in Las Vegas, NV.

We specialize in romance travel which includes Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, and Romantic Getaways. Our other specialties are Tours, Small Ships, and River Cruises.

What destination are you longing to tour in a certain area of the globe? We can arrange for you to tour Italy, France, Greece, Peru, Africa, Egypt, and Morocco. We can design an itinerary for you that will excite and delight you.

Would you like to cruise on some of the famous rivers of the world? Some favorite rivers are the Mississippi, Nile, Danube, Columbia, Mekong River, and Niger Rivers.  Maybe you want another sailing experience, but what to sail on a small cruise ship?  You can sail to Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, the Greek Isles, Iceland, and the South Pacific.

We serve clients who want their itineraries designed and customized with them in mind.

We enjoy working with couples, solo travelers, groups, and travelers with special needs.

No one wants a cookie-cutter vacation. The itineraries that we design are customized for solo travelers, couples, or groups. The clients we work with want good value for their vacation dollars.

Good value doesn't mean the cheapest-priced vacation package. What it does mean is that each component of your destination wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway, tour, or small ship or river cruise package will add up to a good vacation experience.

How we help you with the planning of your vacation.

Each prospective client is offered a free telephone consultation. After you have your free consultation with us, and you decide to hire us. Our service begins with a passport check. We also check to see if you need visas, vaccines, certificates, licenses, or other documents before your trip. All your travel options are explained. You are also informed of any additional fees, and we answer any questions that you may have. Then we book your trip; we pass along any travel information and tips that may be helpful to enhance your travel experience.

Why work with us?

We deliver excellent customer service and document delivery. We return phone calls promptly, and we reply to emails within 24 hours. Our service to our clients doesn't end when they receive their travel documents. We are here to help our clients from the day they begin their trip until they return home. Clients can text, phone, or email us while they are traveling. We want to know how our clients are and if everything is to their liking. If a client encounters a problem while traveling, we are here to fix it. Collectively we have over 40 years of experience in the travel industry.

To book your trip of a lifetime, contact us today!

CALL:      1.917.945.9852

EMAIL:     dwatson@dwwatsontravel.com

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