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Travel can offer a golden opportunity to escape from the mundane of everyday life. Arranging a trip on your own can seem frustrating, overwhelming, and downright tiresome. This is the number one reason why people hire an experienced travel advisor.

What we do is customize vacation travel. Our specialties are Tours, Honeymoons and Las Vegas.

Donna W Watson Travel is what you are looking for. We have moved from the borough of Manhattan in New York City to Las Vegas, Nevada. We kept our New York phone number 917.945.9852.

Why should you allow Donna and the travel advisors at Donna W Watson Travel take care of your travel needs?We listen to the desires of our clients and then we design their once in a lifetime travel experience for them. We help you with the planning,we do all the research,book your reservations,and we fully explain all of your travel options.

Donna Watson is the owner of Donna W Watson Travel. Donna has worked as a travel advisor for over 30 years after graduating from travel school. Donna enjoys traveling especially touring. Annually she attends training seminars and the training courses offered by our travel suppliers. She has toured the United States, and the countries and regions that we specialize in. Some of Donna’s favorite places to tour are Alaska, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Italy, Paris, Greece,Tel Aviv, and Northern Israel. While in Israel,Donna enjoyed a relaxing float in the Dead Sea. On a more personal note, Donna was married in, as well as, she also honeymooned in Las Vegas. Therefore she understands and has experienced the romantic ambience of Las Vegas, and knows what a romantic honeymoon is.  Donna also knows areas of Las Vegas that are off the beaten path,that most visitors don't know about.  Let Donna or our the travel advisors at Donna W Watson Travel customize your next Las Vegas vacation. There is more to Las Vegas than the Las Vegas strip or downtown Las Vegas.

We are proud members of ASTA, CLIA, DWHSA, Travel Leader, TPC,Las Vegas Better Business Bureau

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