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  • Can't Wait to Travel Again? Here Are Some Budget-Friendly and Safe Trips You Can Take During COVID-19

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    The pandemic has killed economies worldwide and changed our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. Especially when it comes to travel, the newly-implemented measures seem to make venturing out almost impossible. However, as the lockdown regulations start to relax around the world, people cannot wait to go out for a breath of fresh air and explore places they dreamt of.

    Traveling During a Pandemic

    Travel will and has started to be possible again. It is essential not only to stay healthy and safe but to respect local, state, and national protocols and mandates wherever you travel. Whether you plan the voyage yourself or book through Donna W Watson Travel, you must inform yourself regarding the protocols and rules of the place you want to travel to. Following are some safe and budget-friendly travel ideas during COVID-19 to consider, as well as tips on how to stay safe throughout your entire trip.

    Stay Safe and Know What to Pack

    To avoid exposure and stay safe, plan as many outdoor activities as possible. Besides being safer than indoor activities, getting out in the sun has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress and benefit your overall health. On top of your sanitizer — which should have greater than 60 percent ethanol or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol — masks and disinfecting wipes, you should bring a selfie stick if you want to take pictures that you would ask a stranger to take in a different circumstance. Before you sit, use wipes on your seat and armrest if you travel by plane or train to stay safe.

    Traveling does not have to be expensive, especially in such uncertain times. When shopping for and packing your essentials, make sure you take advantage of various options, such early booking bonuses and promotional codes. Also, look for hot deals and other special offers from our travel agency.

    Go Camping

    Going camping is one of the safest and budget-friendly types of travel during COVID-19, more so if you're socially distanced from anyone not belonging to your household. To be safe, wear masks, especially in common areas where you may meet other campers. Backpacking or rafting are also some good ideas — the less you pack, the less you have to disinfect. The bonus point here is that outdoor areas will probably be less crowded than ever. Call us we can help book your camping experience.

    Hit the Beach

    The beach is another safe option for a summer vacation or even an outdoor picnic. Ensure you maintain social distancing in places required and avoid crowded areas such as restrooms, restaurants, and boardwalks.

    Hop on a Road Trip

    Pack your household in the car and hit the road together. Ensure you're maintaining a safe distance from other tourists as you take pictures in front or of any landmarks you visit. Pack lots of snacks and some cushions and listen to your favorite music to make the road trip more fun and comfortable.

    Visit Local or State Parks

    Parks are probably underrated and underused germs. Most of them have playgrounds for kids, lakes for swimming, and large areas where you can play and have a picnic. If you're within driving distance of a state park, you should definitely give it a go and enjoy the scenery around and to it.

    Budget-Friendly and Safe Travel During COVID-19

    Travel is possible during a pandemic, but you must make sure you follow the regulations and mandates of the places you plan on visiting. Check the rules, browse through your options, save money with promo codes or coupons and ensure you're staying safe. This way, you get to take advantage of the opportunities and have a great time after a lengthy lockdown. We are here to help you plan your travel adventure.

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