Top Popular Spots For Seniors To Visit In Italy

The saying "See Rome and Die" rings true for most people, young and old alike. Italy is in the bucket list of most people for places to visit. And for seniors who get more enchanted by history as they age, Italy offers popular spots to visit.From the medieval treasures hidden in Tuscany; the Colosseum in Rome, the ancient Pompeii, the stunning highlights in Venice and Florence and the breathtaking views of the Sistine Chapel.

If you haven't crossed Italy off your bucket list of the places to visit, then it's time you make a trip to this beautiful ancient, yet modern city.

While Italy may have a few accessibility challenges owing to some of its ancient architecture, most often than not, there's always a way around the city to make it work. It is advisable to do a bit of sleuthing of your own prior to visiting Italy to learn about the likely challenges you may bump into as you navigate Italy. This will help you be better prepared even mentally for what is ahead. In the long run, you will have a more seamless and enjoyable trip focusing on having the time of your life, rather than trying to steer clear off obstructions.

That said, quite a number of tour companies, hotels and vacations destinations in Italy go out of their way to make accessible travel possible. Most also provide value vacation packages beyond just basics to cater to the different needs of visitors to their establishments. So whether you are retired or still working, planning to travel solo, with family or other like-minded companions, with a little research you will find a wealth of senior vacation ideas to suit your needs.

We have made it easier for you to plan your vacation by putting together some of the most popular spots for seniors in Italy. From Venice, Florence to Rome, seniors will enjoy lavish Tuscan sceneries, wine tasting, romance, art and Italy's best preserved ancient history.

Magnificent Rome

Rome tops our list of places to visit as it embodies the past and present having been the Capital City of Ancient Rome and still the Capital of City of present day Italy.

Top sights to see are the dazzling Spanish stairways of the Piazza di Spagna, with the spectacular Fontana della Barcaccia, overlooking the epicenter of Rome. This is the arena, where the famous Agoni Capitolini contests - horse racing, athletics and musical contents- used to take place. Grab a bite and a drink at the Pantheon, a very dynamic and lively place to connect and mingle with other seniors.

At night the Piazza Navona home of breathtaking fountains in Rome will serenade you with among others, the Trevi Fountain that hosts the sculptures of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Beautiful Amalfi Coast And Capri

Considered a tourist trap owing to its beautiful scenery of the 'Garden of Eden', the Amalfi Coast was once home to emperors and the seat of famous monasteries. This is where tourists come to experience a mix of elegance and cultures on the backdrop of spectacular rocky coastline.

Because it is so famous with tourists, the best time to visit Amalfi and enjoy the full scenery of this paradise is during the off-season when tourist crowds have diminished. Her highlights include the Bay of Naples and the Vesuvius on the North of the Island. The town of Capri enjoys warm sunshine throughout the year, so you never lose out no matter what time of year you visit.

Seniors can embark on a sailing adventure aboard the small ship cruises to explore the Amalfi Coast and experience her beauty while sipping fruity cocktails.

Stylish Florence

Florence is Italy's representation of style, culture and art. Her elaborate Florentine architectural designs like the Palazzo Vecchio set the town apart. But you haven't been to Florence if you haven't visited the Piazza della Signoria, the oldest market squares where you can gaze at the most beautiful ancient architectural designs to date.

Be sure to visit the grand Palazzo Degli Uffizi palace home to Uffizi Gallery. The palace was designed by the renowned architect Vasari on behalf of the Medici's family. Here, seniors can take in famous paintings by the likes of Giotto, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian.

Opera lovers are not left out; get serenaded at Florence's new opera house - the most modern opera house in the world.

The 'Cinque Terre' Villages

Small ship cruises are popular among senior vacation packages. A popular tourist destination to experience this is the Cinque Terre which means 'The Five Lands'. It is literally a set of five floating villages: the Riomaggiore, the Manarola, the Corniglia, the Vernazza and, the Monterosso. These five historic villages, including the shoreline are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The charming and colorful Cinque Terre villages are linked together along a stretch of a panoramic trekking trail, known as the Sentiero Azzurro or "Light Blue Trail". The trails lie along diminutive cliffs on the Italian Riviera. The trail connecting Riomaggiore to Manarola village is called the Via Dell'Amore of "Love Walk". The stretch that links Manarola to Corniglia is the easiest to trek. However, of noteworthy is the main trail into Corniglia that ends with 368 steps climb!

Poetic Venice

Forget cars when you get to Venice, as it has no roads! It was constructed on a lagoon packed with canals. Seniors can take a tour of the lagoon or the Po Delta in greater depth on board the easily available local small ship cruises. These short cruises are a great way to explore and learn about the rich historic sites in Venice.
Be sure to catch the famous Carnivals of Venice. Seniors can also explore the pilgrimage town of Padua with her artistic treasures, visit the San Marco square, view the Venetian gondolas, hike the 8 bridges of Venice with their unusual names and, finish by visiting the grand palaces of Venice. It truly is the home of art, poetry and romance - home to the setting for Romeo and Juliet.


Top Vacation Spots For Seniors In Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, with beautiful sandy beaches, exotic flora and fauna and warm local hospitality. Hawaii senior vacations spots are many, each offering a unique promise of magical vacation experience. However, one popular vacation destination among senior citizens is the beautiful island of Maui in Aloha State of Hawaii. From her sun-kissed Haleakala Volcano top in the sunrise to the bright, white, sunny clouds hovering over the Maui Mountains in the west, to winding down in the stunning sandy white beaches, Maui is one memorable paradise you'll not regret to visit.

The beauty of this tropical island is that you can find a variety of value vacation packages to suit your taste. From wellness vacations to specialty cruises, a favorite among seniors, the list is endless.

We've made it easier for you to plan your vacation in Hawaii by picking out some popular spots for seniors in Maui that offer value vacations packages just for your pleasure.

Enjoy A Day At The Beach

This is beach is arguably the most breath-taking part of Maui itself. With around 81 white sandy beaches around the island, your options are limitless. For serene water and exquisite sandy entrances, visit the Wailea Beach, South of Maui and to the west, the Kaanapali Beach. With your complete beach gear you can have a picnic by the beach as you take in the calm turquoise waters.

The Atlantis Submarine

Here's is a perfect solution for you to explore the vibrant depths of the Pacific Ocean aboard Maui's Atlantis Submarine, if you are not too eager to scuba dive or snorkel.

Seniors enjoy views of the vibrant ocean life, the artificial reef and even spot the sunken replica of a 19th century ship.

Maui Tropical Plantation

This vast 60-acre plantation and agricultural theme park is a plethora of Maui's biggest cash crops including: macadamia nuts, coffee, pineapples, guava, bananas, starfruit, sugarcane, avocados, mangoes and so much more. This rich plantation offers Tropical Tram Tours where seniors can take in the breath-taking sights of the plantation. They can also learn about the various types of plants in the plantation and at the same time participate in demonstrations for husking coconuts.

Delicious Lunches at The Mill House

While still at the tropical plantation, seniors are treated to a sumptuous lunch of the finest local delicacies at The Mill House. Sip delicious tropical juices, smoothies or fruity cocktails fresh from the plantation as you wait for your food.

The Assorted Wellness Vacations -There's Something For Everyone

Hawaii has its very own practicing massage specialties who utilize techniques acquired from their rich local traditions. The list of options for massage techniques and physical wellness are endless: from stone massages, personal trainers to chiropractors and massage therapists, from aroma therapists, herbalists and nutritionists, to yoga specialists, acupuncturists, and aquatic body therapists.

There are also numerous accredited therapists that work with visitors, for a short term, through their emotional, physical and even spiritual issues. You will be amazed at how fast these therapeutic interventions work since the Island provides you with a shield from life pressures and distractions.

Sunset Island Cruise

A favorite Hawaii Senior vacation activity is the specialty cruises that allow them to discover Maui aboard luxurious cruise ships in the setting sun. Seniors can enjoy views of the Haleakala Volcano, the West Maui Mountains and the breath-taking Maui all shoreline all while sipping fresh cocktails. The cruises are especially economical because they offer both tours and accommodation all under one roof. The sunset cruise ships are the perfect rendezvous for seniors to mingle and make new friends as they enjoy mouth-watering island delicacies, an open bar and live island Music.

'Ulalena Cultural Show

Another popular spot for seniors is at the 'Ulalena shows. Here they can sit back, relax and enjoy delicious dinner as they watch hula dances with vibrant costumes, alongside stunning acrobatics shows atop a revolving stage. It is a show only on Maui Island where the locals beautifully enact how the Island came to be. 'Ulalena is an ancient Hawaii word meaning 'Maui's positive and cleansing wind and rain'. The shows are held weekdays at the Maui Theater in Lahaina.

Visit The Haleakala

The Haleakala volcanic summit in Maui is an exquisite sight to behold during sunrise or sunset. The 10,000 foot volcano overlooks the upcountry Kula community and Makawao towns where seniors visit as they head to the summit. The Haleakala Bike Company offers value vacation packages on daily guided tours on a van to its summit. Seniors can also visit the town of Paia - the surfers' paradise.

Here are some useful travel tips for seniors to consider before embarking in their dream vacation.

Ensure You Have Sufficient Health And Travel Insurance

It will be imperative to shop around for insurance plans that will give you a maximum cover with benefits that include old-age related conditions and diseases. Travel insurance can also be purchased before your trip. These come in handy should you need emergency financial or medical assistance during your holiday.

2. Be Physically And Mentally In Shape

Staying in shape prior to travel is just what you need as you embark on a much needed vacation. Not only will you be in great spirits for vacationing, you will also be in a position to enjoy many more activities without a risk to your health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy and take adequate vitamins to boost your immune system.

3. Pack The Correct Outfits

While in Hawaii, packing light is ideal as the climate is warm and serene all-year round. Since you want to make maximum use of the tranquil weather in this tropical island, include your summer outfits, swimming gear, a light cardigan or jacket for when you want to you venture out at night. If you are an outdoors person then don't forget to include your hiking gear as well as camping gear if you plan to spend a night or two under the Maui tropical forest.

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