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Specialty cruise ships are smaller than mass-market cruise line ships.  Due to the fact that they are smaller ships, they can go where the big ships cannot go.  What is Specialty Cruising?  Specialty cruise lines offer a unique cruising experience. Some of the experiences offered are exploration, adventure, destinations, luxury, and river cruising in the US and International waters.

Why take a Specialty Cruise? Specialty cruise ships are smaller than mass-market cruise line ships. Since they are smaller ships, they can go where the big ships cannot go. Specialty cruise lines are destination focused with unique itineraries and shore excursions. Smaller cruise ships provide an ambiance of style service or national focus that satisfy.

They offer experiences that go beyond the sun/fun and superficiality of the mass market products. Under the heading of Specialty Cruises, is River Cruises that are becoming very popular. River cruises are destination immersed. They offer unique destinations and up close and personal experiences. River cruises ship is smaller than big ships. These ships can dock right in the heart of the destination.

Specialty cruise ships and river cruise ships have fewer guests, and the crew- to- guests ratio is lower. Many of the meals that are prepared onboard are purchased, in port at the local markets. On most river cruises, and specialty cruises your accommodations, meals, limited drinks, and tours are included. Many river cruise lines offer theme sailings. Are you a wine lover, or foodie, or have a special hobby? There's a specialty cruise itinerary for you. On specialty and river cruise ships the destination is the experience, and not the ship. Specialty cruise lines are heavy - destination-focused with unique itineraries and shore excursions. 

On a specialty cruise ship, you can sail the Galapagos Islands, get out of the ship, and encounter nature at its finest.  Get up close and personal with penguins, tortoises, birds, and other wildlife.  Sail the Greek Islands, the Jewels Of The Cyclades, Antarctica, Greenland, Ice Land, Norway, the Red Sea, Oman, and Dubai.  These experiential cruises offer more flexibility, soft adventure, fun with great cuisine, and the opportunity to sample old-world cultures in a beautiful setting.

Sail some of the rivers of the world on river cruises, and experience historic sites up close and personal.  On many specialty and river cruises, step off the ship and your immersion experience will begin.

Many specialty cruise lines waive single supplements.

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